čtvrtek 17. června 2010

Review: Assault on Black Reach Paint Set

So, on to the first review. That is, the infamous Assault on Black Reach Paint Set.

This set includes:

- 6x 4ml citadel colors (white, black, burnished gold, boltgun metal, mechrite red, mordian blue)
- 5x Tactical Space Marines (see below)
- citadel starter brush
- pallete
- booklet

The exact content on the sprue is:
- 5x Tactical Space Marine
- 5x Bolter (2 w. scopes, 2 w. belts)
- 5x SM Backpack
- 5x Shoulderpad (w. Ultramarine insignia)

Price: £15.00

Let's start with the booklet. It's a simple manual on painting ultramarines. It's more informative than the AOBR "Getting started" book as it includes information on drybrushing and basing. Alright. let's move on...

The palette is small but handy; I find it rather cool. The starter brush is good for coating but you'll definately need a smaller brush for detailing. I never liked citadel brushes anyways.

The color selection is very narrow. There is no green, yellow or brown so don't even think about using this set to paint your AOBR orks. I don't know why GW chose to include Mordian Blue instead of Ultramarine Blue; it's too dark for them so you'll probably have to buy Ultramarine or Enchanted Blue.

What really sucks is that colors included are in 4ml pots only, instead of standard 12ml! So basically you buy only 1/3 of the standard color pots... Be prepared to run out of black quickly! Even worse, the pots aren't of good quality so the colors dry out fast.

The real gimmick of this set is ofcourse the marine sprue. The models are not the same as the AOBR ones - they have molded ultramarine symbols and there's very little variation, so I wouldn't really recommend them for a dedicated marine player.

All in all, it's an ok start to the hobby but that's about the only use. Better get some real paint set for your AOBR box and skip this one!


- quick start to the hobby
- includes a brush, foundation & metalic colors
- includes 5 simplified tactical Ultramarines

- colors are only 4ml and dry out fast
- color selection sucks
- simple models
- low price

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