pondělí 21. června 2010

Ork Names Generator!

I'd like to present you a small HTML project I made few weeks ago - an orky names generator.

How to use it:

Simply visit the website www.ergotoxin.webs.com. An orky name will be generated on each visit. If you want a new name, simply refresh the thing!

The purpose of this project is to make it easy to come up with interesting fluffy names for your nobz, warbosses, kommandos or who-ever. You can either use the generated names themselves, or use it as a source of inspiration for your own original name.

Some funny names generated:
Speed Freek Nascarr
Arch-Arsonist Burstahed (I'll definately use this one for my Warboss:)

There are thousands of names possible. If you will find a bug in the code, or would like to submit some new syllables or titles, just let me know!

Also, I'm thinking of starting up either a Space Marine or Eldar names generator. Hell, even a Tau name generator would be possible, but I might need some help for that. Just let me know if you would welcome any one of these!

Hope you will enjoy this. Don't forget to leave a comment if you like the idea (or any of the ideas I mentioned), or if you would like to share some particularly nice name generated!

sobota 19. června 2010

Genesis Chapter Dreadnought "Magnus"

I've finished the last details on my Assault on Black Reach Dreadnought and uploaded the pictures. God I love it. In my opinion it is the best model in AOBR; sure, the pose is rather static and the Multi-Melta might not be everyone's choice (though I believe it will work great as a "kan opener"), but all the great details make up for it. Really the only way to distinguish him from "normal" Dreadnoughts is that he has shorter exhaust pipes in the back.

All hail to Magnus, the veteran of the First Tyrannic War:

Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Space Marines

Magnus is the late latin for "Great". I like to give my marines late (christian) Roman names. After all, the Genesis Chapter adheres to the legacy of Ultramarines, so I believe they have a lot of common with the culture of Ultramar as well. The name "Genesis Chapter" itself has a strong Judeo-Christian connotation too.

Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Space Marines

I love how he turned out. Main coat used is Mechrite Red, with Blood Red and Boltgun Metal highlights. My girlfriend did a large part in that, she is awesome. There is Shining Gold on the sarcophagus, which is rather uncommon, yet I think it brings a lot of character and makes him look more "gothic".

Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Space Marines

Back side view. The exhaust pipes look so much better when they are drilled.

Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Multi-melta, Space Marines

Here is the Multi-Melta. That Purity Seal is a neat detail - nice work, GW! Note that I use Mordian Blue for the sealing wax. I know GW uses red seals even on Blood Angels, but that seems like a waste to me, it just loses all the impression like that. Fun fact: blue sealing wax was historically frequently used, as well as yellow, gold, white and green.

Dccw, Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Space Marines

And here is the DCCW. I love the way Boltgun Metal came out. When I'll assemble my Rhino, I'll paint in a similar style.

Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Ork Abuse, Space Marines

Here's a little detail on the basing - there's a severed Ork arm down there, along with a shattered Choppa!

Any comments are most welcome - I'd love to hear your opinions on the paintjob - after all, it is my first vehicle painted - or on the AOBR Dreadnought itself!

pátek 18. června 2010

Bad Moons Deffkopta

Alright, quick update on the Bad Moons!

I have recently finished my first Deffkopta. I was thinking hard on the paint scheme - most people do Bad Moons vehicles with yellow all over the model, which looks cool (especially if heavy washed), but I prefer my boyz with a more serious face. Therefore I decided to heavily use black (made by mixing Chaos Black and Tin Bitz), which makes nice contrast with the yellowish details.

I chose the Deffkopta with dags (the dog-tooth pattern), since yellow-black dags were always favoured by the clan. Pity the other two Deffkoptas are clones. I'll try to be more creative next time.

Anyways, on to the pics:

Bad Moons, Deffkopta

It's a pity the flash I use is rather unforgiving on the yellow, making it look a bit brighter than it is. It is actually washed with Gryphonne Sepia, on all the right places.

Bad Moons, Deffkopta

Bad Moons, Deffkopta

Thank you for your time - any comments are most appreciated!

čtvrtek 17. června 2010

Bad Moons Nobz

Anyways, let's move on some units. The AOBR nobs are the first mini's I owned (I bought the sprue for few bucks on a tourney) and painted, so please be forgiving on the paintjobs.

So, without further ado, here they are:

Bad Moons, Conversion

Funny thing is I painted most of these before I had a wide selection of colors. Therefore the skin color is just a mix of Chaos Black and Goblin Green (washed though), and the leather is a mix of Mechrite Red, Sunburst Yellow and Chaos Black. Nowadays I prefer black-washed Calthan Brown for that.

Since the Assault on Black Reach nobz have only choppas and sluggas, I decided to convert some of their weapons over time. I already added two Big Choppaz and one Kombi-Skorcha, and I plan to add more kombi weapons and one or two powerklawz in the future.

Here are the big choppaz of Goldrippa and Bone'ead:

Assault On Black Reach, Bad Moons, Big Choppa, Conversion, Converted Big Choppa, Nob

Goldrippas big choppa has been made with sprue bitz. I like the chain-halberd style of the result. Hey, it was my first conversion ever. Bone'eads big choppa has been made from two same choppas. That's one of the possibilities you get when you buy duplicate AOBR sprues.

Lastly, here is Koffhead, my newest Nob. Note his style is particularly different - I was greatly inspired by Fallout and Mad Max when I made him, so I tried to give him more of a post-apocalyptic edge. He's armed with a very simple Big Choppa (I just elongated the shaft with a part from a boyz choppa) and a Kombi-Skorcha, which was converted from various pieces (AOBR big shoota, AOBR nob slugga, burna, sprue bit and an ammo belt from a boyz kit).

Bad Moons, Big Choppa, Conversion, Kombi Skorcha

Conversion, Kombi, Skorcha

I believe my future Orks will be a compromise between these two styles. I love the torn-out look, yet I also love the yellow/black contrast of Bad Moons.

I hope anyone can find this useful. Any comment or criticism is most welcome!

Bad Moons: Introduction

Well since I'm most of all Ork fan, my second army is Orks. First, let me introduce you to the Bad Moons...

The Bad Moons are an Ork clan, and as their teeth grow faster than anyone else's, they are the richest of the Ork Clans. This is not considered an unfair advantage, because other Clans figure that they can always bash a Bad Moon Ork over the head and take his teef (teeth). They trade with other Orks to get the biggest guns, the flashiest gear, and the best food, but are not as concerned with close combat as other orks. Their symbols consist of yellow crescent moons and black flames.

(source: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Bad_Moons)

I have decided for the Bad Moons since the Goffs are just too serious (and too dark), since they love dakka and contraptions (I plan to get lootas, killa kans, meganobz and a battlewagon) and since their color is yellow and black - and the combination of these two seems very elegant to me.

A post of painted AOBR nobz will come in few days...

Genesis Chapter: Introduction

Let me introduce you to the Space Marine army of my choice - the Genesis Chapter.

The Genesis Chapter is a Successor Chapter of the Ultramarines Legion, created during the Second Founding. First amongst the Primogenitors, the Genesis Chapter are dogmatically loyal to the memory of Roboute Guilliman, and can be counted upon to fight at the Ultramarines' side without hesitation.

Not much is known about this chapter otherwise. The homeworld Newfound is located in the Ultima Segmentum, not far from Ultramar and Charadon. In the last decade, the Genesis have participated in two large military operations - in 997.M41 they have worked together on Exterminatus missions with the Death Strike Chapter in the Ulik Sector to prevent Hive Fleet Leviathan from spreading, and in 998.M41 they have engaged Waaagh! Irontoof together with Ultramarines.

(Source: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Genesis)

At first I wanted to start an Ultramarines force, but after seeing the Codex and its idiotically over-described part on the 2nd Company (I like to make my own fluff, at least partially) I got rather disguisted. Also, the paint scheme of Ultramarines is nice, but the blue seems to be rather docile. So I went searching for other Astartes chapters...

...And the Genesis came out as winners. They have a clean, aggressive paint scheme; they are loyal and work closely with the civilized Ultramarines; they are almost unknown and therefore leave space for my own imagination.

Note on the paint scheme - traditionally, it should be Red with Yellow details; well I decided to make it Red with Golden details, just because it looks better (shiny!!). After all, Ultramarines used to have yellow trims as well.

Anyways - here is sergeant Lucius, as well as two other battle brothers from the Assault on Black Reach set:

Assault On Black Reach, Genesis Chapter, Sergeant, Tactical Squad

"You should add 'Place Template Here' around the base of your sarge.

Or maybe 'I'm with stupid!'"

- Heffling, from DakkaDakka.com Forum

I'll post more when the whole squad will be finished.

Ergotoxin out.

Review: Assault on Black Reach Paint Set

So, on to the first review. That is, the infamous Assault on Black Reach Paint Set.

This set includes:

- 6x 4ml citadel colors (white, black, burnished gold, boltgun metal, mechrite red, mordian blue)
- 5x Tactical Space Marines (see below)
- citadel starter brush
- pallete
- booklet

The exact content on the sprue is:
- 5x Tactical Space Marine
- 5x Bolter (2 w. scopes, 2 w. belts)
- 5x SM Backpack
- 5x Shoulderpad (w. Ultramarine insignia)

Price: £15.00

Let's start with the booklet. It's a simple manual on painting ultramarines. It's more informative than the AOBR "Getting started" book as it includes information on drybrushing and basing. Alright. let's move on...

The palette is small but handy; I find it rather cool. The starter brush is good for coating but you'll definately need a smaller brush for detailing. I never liked citadel brushes anyways.

The color selection is very narrow. There is no green, yellow or brown so don't even think about using this set to paint your AOBR orks. I don't know why GW chose to include Mordian Blue instead of Ultramarine Blue; it's too dark for them so you'll probably have to buy Ultramarine or Enchanted Blue.

What really sucks is that colors included are in 4ml pots only, instead of standard 12ml! So basically you buy only 1/3 of the standard color pots... Be prepared to run out of black quickly! Even worse, the pots aren't of good quality so the colors dry out fast.

The real gimmick of this set is ofcourse the marine sprue. The models are not the same as the AOBR ones - they have molded ultramarine symbols and there's very little variation, so I wouldn't really recommend them for a dedicated marine player.

All in all, it's an ok start to the hobby but that's about the only use. Better get some real paint set for your AOBR box and skip this one!


- quick start to the hobby
- includes a brush, foundation & metalic colors
- includes 5 simplified tactical Ultramarines

- colors are only 4ml and dry out fast
- color selection sucks
- simple models
- low price


Hello there!

I'll use this blog mostly to present my painted 40k minis (Genesis Chapter and Ultramarines Space Marines, Bad Moons Orks and possibly more in the future, Alaitoc Eldar perhaps). I'm very new to the hobby so I believe this will allow me to watch how I improve over time. Comments and criticism is most welcome - I know my painting is far from perfect!

In the spare time I'll post more random stuff such as my random orky names generator, reviews of Games Workshop products and links to blogs of other painters.

I hope you will have a good time here!

Ergotoxin out.