sobota 19. června 2010

Genesis Chapter Dreadnought "Magnus"

I've finished the last details on my Assault on Black Reach Dreadnought and uploaded the pictures. God I love it. In my opinion it is the best model in AOBR; sure, the pose is rather static and the Multi-Melta might not be everyone's choice (though I believe it will work great as a "kan opener"), but all the great details make up for it. Really the only way to distinguish him from "normal" Dreadnoughts is that he has shorter exhaust pipes in the back.

All hail to Magnus, the veteran of the First Tyrannic War:

Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Space Marines

Magnus is the late latin for "Great". I like to give my marines late (christian) Roman names. After all, the Genesis Chapter adheres to the legacy of Ultramarines, so I believe they have a lot of common with the culture of Ultramar as well. The name "Genesis Chapter" itself has a strong Judeo-Christian connotation too.

Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Space Marines

I love how he turned out. Main coat used is Mechrite Red, with Blood Red and Boltgun Metal highlights. My girlfriend did a large part in that, she is awesome. There is Shining Gold on the sarcophagus, which is rather uncommon, yet I think it brings a lot of character and makes him look more "gothic".

Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Space Marines

Back side view. The exhaust pipes look so much better when they are drilled.

Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Multi-melta, Space Marines

Here is the Multi-Melta. That Purity Seal is a neat detail - nice work, GW! Note that I use Mordian Blue for the sealing wax. I know GW uses red seals even on Blood Angels, but that seems like a waste to me, it just loses all the impression like that. Fun fact: blue sealing wax was historically frequently used, as well as yellow, gold, white and green.

Dccw, Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Space Marines

And here is the DCCW. I love the way Boltgun Metal came out. When I'll assemble my Rhino, I'll paint in a similar style.

Dreadnought, Genesis Chapter, Ork Abuse, Space Marines

Here's a little detail on the basing - there's a severed Ork arm down there, along with a shattered Choppa!

Any comments are most welcome - I'd love to hear your opinions on the paintjob - after all, it is my first vehicle painted - or on the AOBR Dreadnought itself!

2 komentáře:

  1. Really nice paint job man.

    I'm a fan of weathering, especially on the supposedl ancient Dreads :)

  2. Thank you! I like the way weathering makes the model look more "serious" and less "comics-like".

    Maybe I've overdone it just a little bit here but I think it feels right. After all, Techmarines and Servitors probably don't have much time for repainting every scratch on their vehicles - especially in the middle of a war campaign :)