sobota 24. září 2011

Genesis Chapter Scout Squad finished!

It took time, but my first squad of Scouts is finally ready for battle! I consider them my first truly finished unit, because they have both Genesis Chapter and squad markings!

I decided to make them a melee unit, therefore they are equipped with shotguns and combat knives. The sergeant has a Melta Bomb, shamelessly stolen from Assault Marines sprue.

I hope you like the color scheme; it is inspired by the only official Games Workshop picture of a Genesis Chapter scout marine I know of (you can see it here). The blue color used for trousers and shirts is basically Ice Blue with a heavy layer of Asurmen Blue wash.

Genesis Chapter, Scouts, Space Marines

I had some problems making the pictures sharp enough due to extremely odd weather here, so I experimented with background a bit. I've found out that red background makes the picture much more sharp, and I've stick with it for this serie of pictures. I hope it isn't too disruptive for viewing.

Next picture focuses on the shoulderpads; left shoulderpad bears a small Genesis Chapter transfer, while the right shoulderpad has a written squad marking (number I for this squad). I'll have to add squad markings to my previously finished squads (especially the Tactical Marines), although I'm a bit unsure about where should I put them - on shoulderpads, or somewhere else (eg. on a kneepads)?

Anyways, let's finish the post with some more detailed pictures of 'dem Scouts. I really can't wait to see these guys in battle with my Bad Moons! I hope they will be a worthy match to them. Somehow the Scouts look much more hardcore than Tactical Marines to me!

Genesis Chapter, Scouts, Space Marines

Genesis Chapter, Scouts, Space Marines

Genesis Chapter, Scouts, Space Marines

Anyways, I hope you like them. These guys were definately fun to assemble and paint, even though it takes quite some time to finish them - but the result can look so much more lively and personalized than an average Tactical Marine! I'm definately looking forward into getting more of these guys.

pátek 9. září 2011

Bonebreaka WIP 2

I wanted to post pictures of my new Scout Squad today, but because the pictures didn't turn out good, I'll continue today with my Bonebreaka gunwagon project instead - sorry! Still, I hope the progress I made will make up for an interesting post.

Good thing is that I finally started working on a sratchbuilt Deathrolla, and it's actually already attached to the vehicle:

Bonebreaka, Kitbash, Work In Progress

Yes, the Deathrolla is actually made out of a hair-curler! The "arms" that hold it with the vehicle are made out of a sprue, that is pinned together to prevent it from collapsing. Casings around the arms have been looted from the Battlewagon turret mount, from which I needed only the middle section - rest I used to make useful "orky" bits like these.

Bonebreaka, Kitbash, Work In Progress

I also made simple exhaust pipes from drinking straws! Also, instead of putting lasguns at the back of the vehicle, I took some sluggas and put them there - unfortunately I already painted that part black so it can't be seen well; this, ofcourse, will change when the model gets a paintjob.

Bonebreaka, Kitbash, Work In Progress

Last thing - I removed the imperial eagles from sides of the vehicle and replaced them with glyphs. This was a very harsh process and I still have to fine the damaged area, a lot.

I decided to join Matt Kingsley's Ork Vehicle Building Competition on DakkaDakka with this vehicle. If you are scratchbuilding anything orkish right now, be sure to join it as well!

Anyways, this is it for now. My plan is to add more details to the vehicle, and "orkify" it a bit more. I'm sorry that the pictures are too dark - it's rainy here for like three days in row! When the weather gets better, I'll make better pictures - and pictures of the Scout Squad, too.

Well, thanks for watching! I'll be back, soon.