neděle 28. listopadu 2010

Bad Moons Trukk finished!

Hello there and sorry for the long abstain - I have plenty of work IRL right now, and I'm working on so many 40k projects at once lately!

Well, at least I have finished my first Ork Trukk. I plan to have 2-3 trukks in my army, one well-equipped for my nobz, the other lighter for choppa boyz. The one I have finished is the heavy equipped one; so, let's have a look at it!

Bad Moons, Trukk

I love the golden wrekkin' ball. The weapon of a choice for a wealthy Bad Moon.

Bad Moons, Trukk, 23Trukk

The moon is made out of a Green Stuff. It looks a bit blobby and whacky; I confer, it is my first work with GS ever.

Bad Moons, Greenstuff, Trukk

Bad Moons, Trukk, 23Trukk - Side B

Bad Moons, Trukk, 23Trukk - Side A

To make the Trukk a bit more comfy, I added a set of drums to the back, and a drummer as well!

Bad Moons, Drums, Trukk

Bad Moons, Drummer, Trukk

The drummer is easily removable, thanks to the use of pinning (and some paper clip bits):

Bad Moons, Drummer, Trukk

I have to say that even though it took me weeks to paint this one, I can't wait to paint another. The kit is very variable and I would like to try assembling it in a radically different way.

Well, now I'll go back to the Lootas... Have just one last to finish, so I should be able to post them pretty soon. In fact, I have a Genesis Chapter Tactical Squad ready as well, all it needs is the chapter logo... Give me some time and I'll try to print my own decals, I promise!

Anyways, thanks for reading! Any input is most welcome!