neděle 28. listopadu 2010

Bad Moons Trukk finished!

Hello there and sorry for the long abstain - I have plenty of work IRL right now, and I'm working on so many 40k projects at once lately!

Well, at least I have finished my first Ork Trukk. I plan to have 2-3 trukks in my army, one well-equipped for my nobz, the other lighter for choppa boyz. The one I have finished is the heavy equipped one; so, let's have a look at it!

Bad Moons, Trukk

I love the golden wrekkin' ball. The weapon of a choice for a wealthy Bad Moon.

Bad Moons, Trukk, 23Trukk

The moon is made out of a Green Stuff. It looks a bit blobby and whacky; I confer, it is my first work with GS ever.

Bad Moons, Greenstuff, Trukk

Bad Moons, Trukk, 23Trukk - Side B

Bad Moons, Trukk, 23Trukk - Side A

To make the Trukk a bit more comfy, I added a set of drums to the back, and a drummer as well!

Bad Moons, Drums, Trukk

Bad Moons, Drummer, Trukk

The drummer is easily removable, thanks to the use of pinning (and some paper clip bits):

Bad Moons, Drummer, Trukk

I have to say that even though it took me weeks to paint this one, I can't wait to paint another. The kit is very variable and I would like to try assembling it in a radically different way.

Well, now I'll go back to the Lootas... Have just one last to finish, so I should be able to post them pretty soon. In fact, I have a Genesis Chapter Tactical Squad ready as well, all it needs is the chapter logo... Give me some time and I'll try to print my own decals, I promise!

Anyways, thanks for reading! Any input is most welcome!

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  1. I like it. And when there's no vehicles around, you can always use the wrecking ball to knock the teef out of someone! Love the drummer.

    For things like the moon symbol, you may want to try cutting out the shapes in plasticard/sheet styrene. Available in various thicknesses and patterns, great for customizing and scratchbuilds. Over here can find a variety from a company called Evergreen wherever model train stuff is sold; not sure who would make it on the Continent.

  2. Thank you! I haven't used the trukk in a battle yet, but I hope the wrecking ball will be worth the effort, there can't be a better feeling than smacking marines right off their bikes, Terminator 3 style :)

    Unfortunately, my FLGS has stopped selling plasticard recently, but I'll ask around in some of the more generic model shops. Thanks for the tip!