sobota 23. října 2010

Final Liberation: Oldschool Ork Tanks

Hello there!

After seeing the neat image of a Rogue Trader era Battlewagon at From The Warp, I was overwhelmed by memories of the oldschool Final Liberation game. This PC game from 1997 was a faithful recreation of Epic Armageddon for Windows, and I loved it back in the days.

What I really liked about the game was its encyclopedia with computer-generated images of all Imperial and Ork units. I've searched my harddisc and found out that I still have them around - so I thought I could share some:

This, ofcourse, is the Battlewagon, armed with Autocannon. While I don't like the old 40K Battlewagon at all, this one looks pretty cool.

This is Bonebreaka, armed with a Deathroller and a more powerful Battlecannon...

...And this is Bonecruncha, replacing the Battlecannon with twin-linked Autocannons.

Third tank is my personal favourite - Gutrippa, armed with Battlecannon and klaws, a specialty of the Goff clan.

Finally, this is Giblet Grinda, the only Ork super-heavy tank available in the game, armed with five turret-mounted Autocannons and a Deathroller.

While the modern-day Battlewagon certainly looks great, I miss "real" ork tanks like these. The good thing is, it shouldn't be hard to convert a Bonebreaka or Gutrippa out of a Rhino chassis! I'll have to try that one day.

Well, that's all for now, but I can certainly post more of these oldschool images later. So see you soon!

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  1. Yeah, old Epic Ork stuff is great. Final Liberation was very fun, just prone to crashes and some odd moments.

  2. sonsoftaurus: I wonder what odd moments do you have on your mind? :) That game was indeed fun, pity no datadiscs were ever released for it!