pondělí 13. září 2010

Stripping a metal Veteran Captain

Hi there!

I'm thinking about starting up a converted Sternguard Veteran squad - and I realized I have a Veteran Captain model (*1991) lying around; with a new paintjob it could be a worthy addition to the team. Now this is the first model I ever had - my father bought it me more than a dozen years before I actually started collecting - so it's paintjob wasn't that good (I remember we had only few colors at home and didn't know anything about priming:), especially after all those years.

Now I have already tried to correct the paintjob (unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, stupid me) and played him in my only Ultramarines tactical squad, but it seems more logical now to start anew and use him in my Genesis Chapter army - I paint better now, too, so the result should be really worth it!

The only picture of the corrected paintjob I have.

Anyways, onto the stripping. There were actually many layers to strip down - not only the original one (which was actually rather thick), but also the new ones from those corrections.

I used a Nail Polish Remover mixed with water (1:1 solution), old toothbrush and a needle. I soaked the parts in the solution for about a hour, then started brushing it. It didn't remove all the paint, so I repeated the process two times, soaking for 30 minutes only though. If something couldn't get removed with the toothbrush, I carefully used needle instead. I think the result is pretty good:

Looks almost like out of a blister - oh the memories!

As you can see, some of the paint is still there; I'll either repeat the process once again, or play a bit more with the needle. Right now the model is having a nice bath in a warm water with soap, to remove any possible leftovers of super glue in the cloak area.

One final tip: use gloves when working with the Nail Polish Remover. It can quite irritate your skin.

Anyways, back to work. I think I'll exchange the model's backpack for a new one. Since the model will be neither a captain nor a sergeant in the squad, it doesn't really need a cloak, and it will look better too (that old backpack is proportionally pretty different from the new ones). Not to mention how annoying the metal cloak is - it falls off all the time.

As always, any comments are most welcome :)

pondělí 6. září 2010

Warboss Burstahed finished!

The warboss and his retinue proudly proceeded through the battlefield - only to stumble upon a falling back squad of red space marines. The bloodthirsty greenskins quickly assaulted the tactical team with their choppas and power klaws, and the fight has begun.

One nob has turned back though - only to face the four meters high chimera of green muscles and cybork technology, Warboss Burstahed himself. The Warboss laughted maniacally and shot the foolish nob to leg with his kustom shoota; there can be no remorse for the weak.

The eyes of one the marines met with the disturbing gaze of the greenskin leader. The holy warrior aimed his bolt pistol right to the face of the beast - too late, for Warboss Burstahed has already launched his attack. He grabbed the marine around neck with his razor-sharp power klaw and slowly snipped his head off.

And more beakie heads shall fall this day, the boss thought.

Alright, sorry for the badly written fan-fiction above, I guess I'm in that poetical mood again. As indicated above, I finally have my Warboss painted! Kudos to my girlfriend, as she has done a large part of the paintjob. Anyways, to the pictures:

Assault On Black Reach, Bad Moons, Warboss

Note that his skin is pretty dark. I like my Orks darker - especially Nobs, and the Warboss should be even darker, right? I might add a bit more highlight later on, though.

You might have also noticed the ponytail. I think it adds a nice piratic touch to him, as a Bad Moon should have.

Assault On Black Reach, Bad Moons, Warboss

I love those holstered guns. They have a golden coat, pity it can't be seen well on the picture.

Assault On Black Reach, Bad Moons, Warboss

And here is the shoota. I have already tested the Warboss in a small game and I have to say the model rocks. Not only it is already modelled with a power klaw, but it also has a twin-linked shoota, cybork body and hard armour as well! That's a nice setup for a starter-box warboss. I might add an Attack squid laters, if I ever get one.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this one! Next to come: Tactical Squad and/or Lootas.