neděle 5. prosince 2010

Genesis Chapter Tactical Squad finished, with custom transfers!

Finally, my first Genesis Chapter tactical squad is finished! In fact I had them lying around for some time already, but only recently I have printed a transfer paper for them.

They are far from perfect but I think they'll look well on table. Painting AOBR marines was just pain; I find their poses extremely lackey. Actually there are only 8 AOBR marines; two were already painted in Ultramarines colors, so I have replaced them with marines from the battleforce. They definately make the squad seem more lively.

Assault On Black Reach, Genesis Chapter, Sergeant, Tactical Squad

Here is sergeant Lucius, along with two of his faithful marines.

I am not fond of the sergeant model, his pose does not make much sense. If I'll ever get my hands on another AOBR sergeant, I'll try to convert him a bit with Green Stuff.

I have equipped him with a meltabomb, you can see it behind his leg. I am working on a meltagun marine now, who might replace this squad's flamer. With a meltagun, melta bombs and a missile launcher, this could be a good anti-vehicle squad.

Assault On Black Reach, Genesis Chapter, Missile Launcher, Tactical Squad

Missile Launcher Marine is probably the most interesting of the AOBR tacticals. He has some nice unique details, like the backpack or the stormtrooper-style helmet.

Assault On Black Reach, Flamer, Genesis Chapter, Tactical Squad

Here is the flamer marine, who will be possibly replaced, and the two battleforce marines.

Genesis Chapter, Tactical Squad

Here is the whole squad again:

Assault On Black Reach, Genesis Chapter, Tactical Squad

...And here is a better view of the transfers:

Genesis Chapter, Tactical Squad, Transfers

Note that you can find the Genesis Chapter logo sheet on Bell of Lost Souls.

Anyways, back to painting now! I will post the meltagun marine soon, as well as the Dreadnought, now with Genesis Chapter markings.

Thanks for reading! As always, opinions are most welcome.

čtvrtek 2. prosince 2010

Lootas finished!

Well, it took way too much time, but my first pack of lootas is finally finished! No wonder it took so long, those guys have plenty of detail and I tried my best at the paintjob... not to mention the rather annoying assembly.

Anyways, let's take a look at them!

I tried to experiment with the color scheme and make everyone of them a bit personal - see the first one with a lascannon? He wears blue because he believes it will bring him luck in the battle. And see that other energy weapon, owned by that grinning ork on the right? That blue glow on the weapon is my first try on "dynamic lightning" ever. And the mek with the grot... I just love that model, so much character in it already.

Bad Moons, Grots, Lootas, Mekboy

Deffguns, Lootas, Lootas 1 weapons

And here are the deffguns itselves. I love those little addons on them - like that small rocket.

Bad Moons, Lootas, Lootas 1 Side view

...And the other side. Can anyone identify the weapons? I can see a lascannon, lasgun, and some stubbers (I guess). Any idea what is the second energy weapon (the one I painted glowing)?

Anyways, thanks for reading! As always, any commentary/criticism is most welcome, I could sure use some tips!

Ow and... I have a question for you, dear random reader: do you prefer links to the dakkadakka gallery (which has some cool functions such as a very effective zoom), or to plain images files? Let me know!