čtvrtek 2. prosince 2010

Lootas finished!

Well, it took way too much time, but my first pack of lootas is finally finished! No wonder it took so long, those guys have plenty of detail and I tried my best at the paintjob... not to mention the rather annoying assembly.

Anyways, let's take a look at them!

I tried to experiment with the color scheme and make everyone of them a bit personal - see the first one with a lascannon? He wears blue because he believes it will bring him luck in the battle. And see that other energy weapon, owned by that grinning ork on the right? That blue glow on the weapon is my first try on "dynamic lightning" ever. And the mek with the grot... I just love that model, so much character in it already.

Bad Moons, Grots, Lootas, Mekboy

Deffguns, Lootas, Lootas 1 weapons

And here are the deffguns itselves. I love those little addons on them - like that small rocket.

Bad Moons, Lootas, Lootas 1 Side view

...And the other side. Can anyone identify the weapons? I can see a lascannon, lasgun, and some stubbers (I guess). Any idea what is the second energy weapon (the one I painted glowing)?

Anyways, thanks for reading! As always, any commentary/criticism is most welcome, I could sure use some tips!

Ow and... I have a question for you, dear random reader: do you prefer links to the dakkadakka gallery (which has some cool functions such as a very effective zoom), or to plain images files? Let me know!

8 komentářů:

  1. Energy weapon is a custom mega blaster

  2. Hmmm... are you sure? It looks somehow Tau-ish to me... Not that I know much about Tau though :)

  3. The energy weapon with the vents looks like some form of plasma weapon. Could just be a looted plasmagun or a custom built megablaster.

  4. i'm positve, look p 72 of the latest ork codex and u'll see it at the top (i actually looked this up lol)

  5. Wow! Looking at the kustom mega blasta, the front part of it seems indeed pretty similar to the one hold by loota. But I think I found a gun that is even closer to it (perhaps even mega blasta is based on this one)!

    Check this one out - Tau XV25 Fusion Blaster, used by stealth suits.


  6. Yep, I guess GW used the blaster design just for decorative purposes...