pátek 18. června 2010

Bad Moons Deffkopta

Alright, quick update on the Bad Moons!

I have recently finished my first Deffkopta. I was thinking hard on the paint scheme - most people do Bad Moons vehicles with yellow all over the model, which looks cool (especially if heavy washed), but I prefer my boyz with a more serious face. Therefore I decided to heavily use black (made by mixing Chaos Black and Tin Bitz), which makes nice contrast with the yellowish details.

I chose the Deffkopta with dags (the dog-tooth pattern), since yellow-black dags were always favoured by the clan. Pity the other two Deffkoptas are clones. I'll try to be more creative next time.

Anyways, on to the pics:

Bad Moons, Deffkopta

It's a pity the flash I use is rather unforgiving on the yellow, making it look a bit brighter than it is. It is actually washed with Gryphonne Sepia, on all the right places.

Bad Moons, Deffkopta

Bad Moons, Deffkopta

Thank you for your time - any comments are most appreciated!

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