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Genesis Chapter: Introduction

Let me introduce you to the Space Marine army of my choice - the Genesis Chapter.

The Genesis Chapter is a Successor Chapter of the Ultramarines Legion, created during the Second Founding. First amongst the Primogenitors, the Genesis Chapter are dogmatically loyal to the memory of Roboute Guilliman, and can be counted upon to fight at the Ultramarines' side without hesitation.

Not much is known about this chapter otherwise. The homeworld Newfound is located in the Ultima Segmentum, not far from Ultramar and Charadon. In the last decade, the Genesis have participated in two large military operations - in 997.M41 they have worked together on Exterminatus missions with the Death Strike Chapter in the Ulik Sector to prevent Hive Fleet Leviathan from spreading, and in 998.M41 they have engaged Waaagh! Irontoof together with Ultramarines.

(Source: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Genesis)

At first I wanted to start an Ultramarines force, but after seeing the Codex and its idiotically over-described part on the 2nd Company (I like to make my own fluff, at least partially) I got rather disguisted. Also, the paint scheme of Ultramarines is nice, but the blue seems to be rather docile. So I went searching for other Astartes chapters...

...And the Genesis came out as winners. They have a clean, aggressive paint scheme; they are loyal and work closely with the civilized Ultramarines; they are almost unknown and therefore leave space for my own imagination.

Note on the paint scheme - traditionally, it should be Red with Yellow details; well I decided to make it Red with Golden details, just because it looks better (shiny!!). After all, Ultramarines used to have yellow trims as well.

Anyways - here is sergeant Lucius, as well as two other battle brothers from the Assault on Black Reach set:

Assault On Black Reach, Genesis Chapter, Sergeant, Tactical Squad

"You should add 'Place Template Here' around the base of your sarge.

Or maybe 'I'm with stupid!'"

- Heffling, from DakkaDakka.com Forum

I'll post more when the whole squad will be finished.

Ergotoxin out.

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