čtvrtek 17. června 2010

Bad Moons Nobz

Anyways, let's move on some units. The AOBR nobs are the first mini's I owned (I bought the sprue for few bucks on a tourney) and painted, so please be forgiving on the paintjobs.

So, without further ado, here they are:

Bad Moons, Conversion

Funny thing is I painted most of these before I had a wide selection of colors. Therefore the skin color is just a mix of Chaos Black and Goblin Green (washed though), and the leather is a mix of Mechrite Red, Sunburst Yellow and Chaos Black. Nowadays I prefer black-washed Calthan Brown for that.

Since the Assault on Black Reach nobz have only choppas and sluggas, I decided to convert some of their weapons over time. I already added two Big Choppaz and one Kombi-Skorcha, and I plan to add more kombi weapons and one or two powerklawz in the future.

Here are the big choppaz of Goldrippa and Bone'ead:

Assault On Black Reach, Bad Moons, Big Choppa, Conversion, Converted Big Choppa, Nob

Goldrippas big choppa has been made with sprue bitz. I like the chain-halberd style of the result. Hey, it was my first conversion ever. Bone'eads big choppa has been made from two same choppas. That's one of the possibilities you get when you buy duplicate AOBR sprues.

Lastly, here is Koffhead, my newest Nob. Note his style is particularly different - I was greatly inspired by Fallout and Mad Max when I made him, so I tried to give him more of a post-apocalyptic edge. He's armed with a very simple Big Choppa (I just elongated the shaft with a part from a boyz choppa) and a Kombi-Skorcha, which was converted from various pieces (AOBR big shoota, AOBR nob slugga, burna, sprue bit and an ammo belt from a boyz kit).

Bad Moons, Big Choppa, Conversion, Kombi Skorcha

Conversion, Kombi, Skorcha

I believe my future Orks will be a compromise between these two styles. I love the torn-out look, yet I also love the yellow/black contrast of Bad Moons.

I hope anyone can find this useful. Any comment or criticism is most welcome!

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