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Genesis Chapter Tactical Squad Revisited

You might remember my first Tactical Squad. It missed squad markings and consisted (mostly) of basic AOBR marines, so I've decided to revisit it by adding markings, and mixing in more "advanced" marines.

Probably the most important change is the Sergeant. I've decided to supplement the flamer combat squad with a new Sergeant; particularly because I wanted to arm the squad with a stronger close combat weapon, and particularly because I've grown quite allergic of the stock two-dimensional AOBR sergeant.

Genesis Chapter, Power Axe, Sergeant, Space Marines, Tactical Squad
Sergeant Malleus, 3rd Tactical Squad, 2nd Company

As you can see, the new one is quite an improvement. The axe is a power weapon from Assault Squad sprue, and the other parts are standard Tactical Squad bits. I got quite bored of bare head marines, so I gave this one a helmet - in blue color, to represent sergeant status. I also stopped to paint marine eyes in Blood Red and instead went for Iyanden Darksun.

I've made minor changes to my first Rhino as well; after reading Insignium Astartes, I've found out I got the markings all wrong. So I've replaced them with a 2nd Company insignia and a tactical mark; note that the large tactical arrow is yet to be added. I also added a large Genesis Chapter logo on the back doors.

Genesis Chapter, Rhino, Space Marines
Genesis Chapter, Rhino, Space Marines

I'm still solving out my army list, and I'm thinking about actually putting this Tactical Squad into a Razorback, so that's why the Rhino still doesn't have squad markings. For some time though, the squad will use it as a dedicated transport, so here they are together:

And here is a better look on the squad markings, which are variously placed either on shoulder-pads or knee-pads:

As you can see, the squad is the third squad of Second Company (indicated by the golden shoulder-pad rim), Genesis Chapter. I'm afraid I quite messed up the Sergeant's banner, because the squad number insignia there looks too similar to a company badge - see the picture with Rhino to understand what I mean. I'll definately use different style of markings on future banners.

Anyways, thanks for reading! I hope you like the squad. As always, any comment or criticism is welcome. Do you think I should re-do the banner, to make it more apparent that it displays squad number? Or is it apparent enough?

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