neděle 25. prosince 2011

First Alaitoc Guardian

Hi again! Just wanted to share a picture of my first painted Alaitoc Guardian. I didn't really use stippling here (I save it for vehicles), but I had great fun painting the carapace armour with Enchanted Blue, Ice Blue and Asurmen Blue wash. It definately looks better than my first try on Alaitoc, which ended up a bit too dark-coloured.

As you can see, there are still many things to improve on the model - for example the fingers holding the shuriken catapult could get some washing, and the jewels could be more detailed as well. I'll probably return to this model when I'll work on other Guardians, but right now, Genesis Chapter is the priority.

Also, I experimented with the basing a bit. You can see a piece of ruin there with an Eldar hieroglyphe (which is actually the symbol for Guardians). The plan is to make the Eldars look as if they are guarding an ancient sacred place.

Anyways, Merry Christmas (or Chanuka/Kwanzaa) and happy New Year! I'm sure about to have fun with a new Ravenwing Battleforce that I'm about to use for my Genesis Chapter army.

Gotta love the Ravenwing upgrade sprues... They make me think about assault cannon Razorbacks.

Anyways, see you in 2012! That is, unless the mayan prophecy turns out to be true.

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