pátek 14. ledna 2011

First Alaitoc Jetbike finished!

Happy new year 2011!

I'm sorry for inactivity, just have too much trouble IRL right now. Can't wait to get back to Warhammer!

Anyways, I have finished an Eldar jetbike, craftworld Alaitoc. While I like the way the front plate went out, I'm rather dissatisfied with the rest. I will try a much lighter color scheme next time (I have a whole Eldar battleforce ready for assembly here). While I have used Mordian Blue, Enchanted Blue, Ice Blue and Asurmen Blue on the Jetbike, I plan to use mainly Ice Blue / Asurmen Blue on the Guardians. I hope it will bring a more contrasting result.

Here are pictures of the jetbike:

Alaitoc, Eldar, Jetbike

Alaitoc, Eldar, Jetbike

Alaitoc, Eldar, Jetbike

Well, that is all. Since I'm new to the Eldar, I would really welcome any sort of tips and criticism!

Ergotoxin out.

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