středa 25. srpna 2010

Rhino (nearly) finished!

Hello there!

My Rhino is nearly finished so I thought I'll share some of the pics. Only thing it misses now is the tactical arrow and the Genesis Chapter logo - these I'll finish laters, when I'll have more time (you know, summer - plus I need a pause from the vehicle for now).

Genesis Chapter, Rhino

Note that the Storm Bolter turret is detachable (as seen in previous post).

Genesis Chapter, Rhino

As you can see, we (me and my girlfriend, that is) were pretty heavy on the weathering, again. I really like the ancient look it makes.

Here is a picture of the inside:

Genesis Chapter, Rhino

Well that's all. As always, any feedback is most appreciated!

I have a lot of stuff to finish now; one tactical squad needs just one last soldier; one lootas squad waits for the last man as well; and my AOBR warboss is waiting here for a basing, I think I'll do that as first. So, see you soon!

2 komentáře:

  1. Nice, I really like the weathering job.

  2. Thank you! Soon I will finish the job with genesis chapter logo and the tactical arrow.