čtvrtek 20. června 2019

More The Pyre cultists!

Just a couple of quick pictures of the rest of my Chaos Cultists. I had these painted for quite some time but never really got to taking pictures of them.

 The paintjob is nothing special, these guys were rushed so I could put them on the tabletop as soon as possible. The modelling is more interesting though - I didn't want to have any clones in the army, so each of these guys had at least a hand- (or arm-) swap done, excluding the cultist champion. It went pretty well.

The most fun model to convert was the flamer guy, who wielded a heavy stubber originally. The Pyre is known for its heavy use of flame weapons, so this conversion was a nobrainer. The flamer and backpack comes from the Cadian troops kit - a very simple yet effective kitbash. It's kinda shame Games Workshop doesn't sell all these original Cultist models, since these guys had a huge conversion potential. Oh well.

The miniature above is a Renegade Militia soldier I got for free at a gaming convention. It's a pity Forge World doesn't produce the Renegade infantry anymore, this army had lots of atmosphere. Good thing is that he goes well with the cultists, so sometimes I use it instead of one of the Champions when I want to field a 20-men sized cultists blob.

Anyways, thanks for reading and see you soon! Now back to working on Shadowspear...

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