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Mechs from Battletech: Introductory Box Set

In last couple of months, I've committed a heresy: I took an indefinite break from Warhammer 40K and instead embraced the first wargame I ever played back when I was a kid, Battletech.

Battletech is a pretty unique 6mm scale gaming system, an oldschool hybrid between a wargame and a boardgame played on a 32mm-hex map, with a very detailed combat system. As a friend put it, "in Battletech, you can almost see the nuts and bolts fly with every hit." The rules are almost the same as in the 1980s, which is a welcome change from all the errata and edition cycles of some other wargaming systems out there.

The first two mechs I would like to present here are from Battletech: Introductory Box Set. This small 15 USD set includes simplified rules, double-sided hex map and two classic mechs - WVR-6R Wolverine and GRF-1N Griffin. It's an ok-ish start with the universe, although I would recommend to get the large box (Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat) first and buy the Introductory Box Set as an expansion. Mostly because the simplified rules take out the most interesting elements (critical hits, heat) out of the game.

The mechs above are the ones you can find in the Introductory Box Set - Griffin on the left, Wolverine on the right. Unlike 40k, Battletech factions use rather similar units, and each faction uses dozens of different color schemes, so you can just paint your mechs in olive green or camouflage and you are good to go. I prefer to paint my mechs in colors typical for the factions in which the mechs are most common, but this is really just an artistic choice.

GRF-1N Griffin is a medium mech, agile and well-armed for long range combat. Since this mech is pretty common in nearly every faction, I've chosen to paint it in the white and blue colors of the Lyran Guards simply for the looks. The whole miniature is finely drybrushed in Leadbelcher to give it a metallic look, except the cockpit, which has been painted with varying degrees of blue (and a tiny bit of white). I plan to use this "metallic" look on most of my mechs.

 WVR-6R Wolverine is another medium mech that can be found across the whole galaxy. This time, I've chosen to paint in the colors of the Taurian Guards, as the Taurian Concordate is not only one of my favorite factions, but also the faction me and my friends are playing for in a RP campaign. The paint scheme features three colors - XV-88 brown, Mephiston red and Retributor Armour gold. As the paint scheme already features a metallic color, I've decided against doing the Leadbelcher drybrush. Like this, the gold really stands out on the miniature. The cockpit has also been done using a different technique - painting it silver, then black, and finally coating it in Ardcoat varnish, which gives a nice, almost realistic reflection to the surface.

In case you would be interested in Battletech, you might want to check out the awesome Clan Invasion Kickstarter campaign, which has Pledge Manager currently opened. The campaign has a Late Backer option, so you can still join in and get any Battletech stuff for extra-low prices! According to the Catalyst Gamelabs, the Pledge Manager will be open at least until the end of January.

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