čtvrtek 6. září 2018

The Pyre Raptors

Raptors. These models come from the Dark Vengeance era (or 6th edition) of 40K, and in regards of Chaos design, I believe it was one of the best editions: one of the reasons being the plastic models of Chaos it brought us, including the Raptors.

I remember these guys were criticized by part of the community for being too over the top, too ornamental and even too big. Looking back, I don't really get this criticism anymore. Sure, the models have plenty of detail and decoration, but they still look so much more grim than the new, supersized, comics-like Chaos models we are getting now (I'm looking at Death Guard, of course). If only Games Workshop would have given us more models with this look - especially the basic Chaos Marines and the Berzerkers, who are both atrociously old and unfortunately, will probably get replaced with Primaris-sized monstrosities.

Anyway, let's get back to Raptors. As my The Pyre warband uses only flame and melta-based weapons, they are an ideal unit for me. I've decided to equip this squad with anti-tank weapons, and went with a Power Fist on my Champion. The specialists were equipped with Meltaguns - one of them comes from a loyalist kit.

I had real fun both assembling and painting these guys, and have even more seeing them on tabletop. I really hope Games Workshop have not lost their minds and will supply us with more "regular" Space Marine and (especially) Chaos Space Marine models, although I fear we are really going to only see Primaris-sized models since now on. I hate to sound jaded, but this really feels like a stab in the back for a long-time fan and customer. Bah, maybe it's time for me to finally write an Anti-Primaris Manifesto or something.

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