neděle 8. října 2017

Leviathan Raveners

Ah, Raveners, the relentless burrowers of Tyranid hivefleets. When I was looking for ways of expanding my Hivefleet Leviathan, they were among the first on the list - not because they have great rules or new models, but because of their lovely classic feel.

These guys really do look like Hydralisks from Starcraft - except with four more claws and thorax-mounted weapons! I was tempted to model these guys with hand-held devourers or spinefists, but instead went the thorax route and armed them (no pun intended) with rending claws. I really like the look of Tyranid Warriors, and these guys look like Warriors on steroids - love them!

There are some problems with the kit too, though. It's an old one, and it shows - there were quite many mould lines present, there are no real cosmetic extras included (except an extra tail), and positioning these guys can be a little bit tricky. None of the problems is too serious though, and the kit can be easily bashed with the newer Warrior kit.

Anyway, happy Hivemind Day, and thanks for reading!

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