pondělí 12. června 2017

WZR: Cable Marionette

I've been quite busy with 40K lately, so only little time was left for Warzone Resurrection. One model I just had to paint though, is the Cable Marionette. This cyberpunkish "cable golem" is just such a great sci-fi concept I couldn't stay away from it. That said, please excuse the rather rubish pictures - still working on my studio. I'll try to make better ones when I'll have all three fully painted.

 Warzone Resurrection models have been mostly hit or miss for me so far, with this one being a clear hit for its high level of detail, realism and atmosphere. I also like how easily can these models be used for other systems - while they fit the world of Mutant Chronicles well, you can imagine them in almost any horror sci-fi setting.

It's really easy to paint these models, as the details really do all the work for yourself. I can imagine just using a single metallic color and a shade would still give a neat result. Regarding the base, I wanted to try something thematic - with cables being an obvious choice. First I wanted to paint them in metallic color, however later I have decided for a mix of colors. I'm still undecided on the base and might go back to painting it in a single color to make the base less distracting. As always, any tips are appreciated!

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