středa 31. července 2013

Alaitoc Farseer (updated)

The rulebook speaks clear - every army has to have a leader. For my Alaitoc Eldar, I decided to make the classic choice, and went for a Farseer - a female one, in honor of the Dawn of War series.

Alaitoc Farseer

I didn't convert much on the model - mostly just replaced the helmet with a Dark Eldar female head. I was thinking of converting the chest a bit, but in the end decided against it, since the runic armour is bulgy enough as is, and guardian female torso is not nearly as impressive as the original one.

Regarding the Singing spear, my plan for the Eldar is to make their power weapons gloom with dark blue glow; still have to work on that a bit. The spear has actually broken during painting and so is held together with a green stuff scroll - I think that turned out rather cool.

Regarding the model itself, it was fun to assemble and paint, and I'm glad Games Workshop has released it in plastic, even though it is shame that the kit lacks any additional bits - a missed opportunity in my opinion. The scenic base is a neat boon though. The head conversion was pretty easy, though some filing was required.

Anyway, see you soon! I plan to update this post, as well as some older posts with new pics - thanks to a friend I have plenty of good quality pictures such as these above waiting on my hard drive.

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