čtvrtek 13. června 2013

Alaitoc Dire Avengers

 Shea nudh Asuryanish ereintha Asuryanat.

It's been quite some time since I painted Eldar, and I never finished any actual squad - that is, until now. Eldars were the talk of the month recently, so they got to my attention again. It was very motivating to find out that Dire Avengers have been boosted with the new Codex; on the other side, it feels bitter to see their price effectively doubled (and no, I don't mean point-wise). Good thing I got mine squad from the old Battleforce box, which was a fair value.

Regarding the models themselves, I enjoyed building them, though they definately get monotone quickly. That's why I assembled one of them holding a grenade - and that was even before it was known that the unit will have access to plasma grenades now. The squad was painted with white primer and Enchanted Blue (Caledor Sky) undercoat washed over with blue shade (and then highlighted with Enchanted Blue again). I wanted to tie the unit to my other Alaitoc Eldar, so I painted their weapons with Iyanden Darksun (Averland Sunset) and their helmet crests with blue and yellow.

The Exarch is a real fun model to build and paint - especially for all those funky weapon options he has. I went with the close combat setup for its iconic look (note that the Exarch can throw grenades now, so he can still do something in the shooting phase). I tried to paint the power weapon as if it is glowing with dark blue energy - that's why I painted the blade with gloss varnish. The shimmershield effect has been achieved with blue wash followed by a drybrush of yellow.

I added the picture above to show more of the bases and of the Exarch's flag, which was - I confess - done mostly with transfers, the result looks good though. I'd like to pay more attention to basing and this squad was a good start. The bases have been painted with Stirland Mud followed by a black wash and a sporadic XV-88 drybrush - I have to say I'm very pleased with the texture colour, it sticks very well to the base. I added some Eldar ruins to the base, mostly just pieces of sprue painted with simple freehanded runes. These little details really add a lot to the overall atmosphere.

Anyway, time for me to get back to work on the Farseer! And the Killa Kans, and the Bikers, Cultists, Warriors,... (head explodes)

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