neděle 28. dubna 2013

Bad Moons Deff Dread

It took me way, way too long to finish painting this bad boy - but now it's finally done!

The color scheme used is pretty much the same as with my other Bad Moons, eg. Bad Moon Yellow contrasted with Tin Bitz and other metallics. The challenge with this model was to make it look rich and colorful without it getting too incoherent or rugged. I think we (that is, me and my awesome girlfriend) have succeeded in that - the colors are coherent and well contrasted, yet there are many "chaotical" places that remind us that this is an orkish Deff Dread, and of a rich, garish clan indeed.

I wanted the walker to look as if it is closing towards the enemy, its chainsaws buzzing, its pincers snapping and its weapons firing hell. Unfortunately, the pose didn't end up very photogenic and looks a bit static, too (making the Dread lean a bit forward would help, I think). Currently, the model is armed with a Skorcha (I love that one) and a Big Shoota, just in case it would get immobilized. Both weapons are magnetized though, so I might exchange the underwhelming shoota for another Skorcha, or perhaps a rokkit or even a CCW.

After spending so much time with this guy, I decided to name him - and what better name there could be for a behemoth like this than Gork. Now I'm seriously thinking about getting a second one named Mork! Regarding the gore on its left CCW, it has been made with liquid green stuff, bit of sand and static grass, plenty of red and a shiny finish of 'Ard Coat. It looks nasty.

The funny part about the model is the base. Yep, I'm talking about that one Grot Rigger (not about the butchered guardist corpse!). I bought the fantasy model for few cents at second market and simply had to convert it into a 40k grot! The goggles are made out of green stuff putty, while the hammer has been "converted" out of a sprue bit and a pin. He looks remarkably calm for someone standing in front of a giant killer machine - perhaps he is looking over the battlefield for possible loot, or he is just used to situations like these, like a propa' grot rigga' anyway!

Anyway, time for me to rest (and get to those Killa Kans)! As always, C&C is most welcome!

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