čtvrtek 5. září 2013

Genesis Chapter Vindicator

In too deep, against all odds brothers!

It has been some time since I posted an update for my main army, the glorious Genesis Chapter. So here is the assault gun of Index Astartes, the Demolisher-wielding Vindicator.

Genesis Chapter Vindicator

This is the first vehicle I painted mostly with Mephiston red instead of Mechrite red and Blood red and I'm glad the difference from Blood red is only minimal. Regarding the dirt on the Siege Shield, it has been done with Stirland mud and some washes. A picture from my (rather crappy) camera follows:

The model is not much decorated - and for a reason. I love the Vindicator kit, so I bought another one, which will serve as a command vehicle for the army (or perhaps for an Apocalypse formation). I want that one to clearly stand out, so the first one has been left rather bland. Therefore, the only decorations on this one are the ammo loader on the back, and an aquila sign.

I guess some additional scriptures or purity seals wouldn't hurt though. Perhaps I will revisit the model when I will have the "command" Vindicator finished. At the moment, I'm working on a Razorback for a Veteran or Command squad - I'm undecided on its function yet, though it will surely be much more decorated than this one.

Thanks for reading and for any possible C&C!

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