neděle 22. května 2011

Just passing the word...

Not that I agree with everything said, but the GW policies are going a bit too far lately...

"As I’m certain everyone in the gaming universe is well aware of by now, Games Workshop has announced a wide range of price increases currently set to take effect at the end of May. Veterans, and even most neophytes, in the gaming community, would normally roll their eyes at this completely expected maneuver, shrug their shoulders, and move on." (...)

Tabletop Hooligans: The Winter of Our Discontent

Anyways, I have bit more time now, and I'm working on Marines and Orks again! I'll post some stuff soon, I promise!

4 komentáře:

  1. Just followed and look forward to seeing some Marine and Ork stuff =D

  2. Thanks and welcome here! I'm finishing my Terminator squad right now and working on a magnetized Predator, so more stuff will be posted soon, hopefully this week :)

  3. Starting my own Genesis Chapter. Nice to see that they have a home already. Your guys look good. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Thank you! I'm looking forward to your work as well, our chapter is *very* underrepresented.