úterý 24. května 2011

Terminators finished! (w. custom transfers)

Alas, the first Genesis Chapter Terminator squad is finished! I was working on these guys on and off for over a year, and it can be seen; especially as I recently started using Mithril Silver as my "veteran colour". Still, I think the squad looks coherently; see for yourselves.

The reason why it took me so long to finish them is, I think, the low variety of models; all of them have the same boring pose and they are basically clones of each other. Later I started adding bits on some of them, like grenades and spare bits from the Commander box set.

Assault On Black Reach, Genesis Chapter, Terminator Armor

I was also lucky enough to score an Assault Cannon from a friend - that doesn't just give the models more variety, but most of all some heavy firepower! The bit is metalic, but it holds just fine.

Assault On Black Reach, Genesis Chapter, Terminator Armor

Model I enjoyed the most is the Sergeant, even though I had to switch his Storm Bolter arm, the original one just didn't look right to me.

Assault On Black Reach, Genesis Chapter, Terminator Armor

It was also my first time painting a power weapon - not surprisingly, I did it the easy way (using Asurmen Blue wash). I'm satisfied with the result though.

Assault On Black Reach, Genesis Chapter, Power Weapon, Terminator Armor

Now let's check the Genesis Chapter decals:

At first I was a bit worried the decals will be too large to fit the shoulders, but luckily they are sized well. I'm really happy with the result, though I'm thinking about adding some squad markings to the shoulders (or elsewhere). I used various iconography for hierarchical purposes (like the white/silver cruxes and icons on those shoulder shields), but when it came to squad markings, my imagination was burned out. Got any ideas?

Assault On Black Reach, Custom Transfers, Decals, Genesis Chapter, Terminator Armor, Transfers

I planned to buy five more terminators, but now that the prices are rising, I'm not that keen on the idea.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by! Now, back to magnetizing that Predator...

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  1. Really like them, the chapter symbols are done really well. Good job!

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you like them :)

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