sobota 27. srpna 2016

Bauhaus Hussars

After my short flirt with Warzone Ressurection's Cybertronic faction, I've finally decided to work on a proper army force - so I've got the Bauhaus starter set with some extras. How much sense does it make? Not much, but so doesn't life, right? Actually, the aristocratic, retro-futuristic Bauhaus Corporation has been my favorite faction of the Mutant Chronicles universe for a long time; the Kickstarter line of models did put me off though. Luckily enough, the updated version of Bauhaus looks great!

The HQ of Bauhaus is on planet Venus, which has been terraformed into a jungle world. Paradoxically enough, some of the most iconic artwork displays Venus in a snow setting, which has confused a great many of fans in the past, me included. Luckily enough, fluffwise the polar caps of Venus are a neverending battlefield against the Dark legion, so everything makes sense after all.

In fact, winter setting suits Bauhaus very well, as the corporation has been usually painted in blue or white colors. While I knew I was going to do winter basing, I've decided to go with a black-and-white scheme instead of the more traditional cyan blue. I believe the black color helps to contrast the models against the snow-covered bases. However, since blue and gold colors are connected to Bauhaus, I've used them on various small details, such as on the shoulderpads.

The bases were my first try at modelling snow, and it took a few tries to do it right. I went with the cheap option of using sodium bicarbonate (or baking soda) mixed with PVA glue and water. While my first try lead into the creation of an alien, bubblegum-like substance, after adding a good amount of water I got much better results. Still, doing this can be a horrible mess, so I'm considering getting proper modelling snow.

As you can see on the picture below, I've also tried to put the snow on the legs of the miniatures, especially on the clothing. I think the result has a nice, wet look which really helps to bring more action to the miniatures.

I really like the miniatures themselves. While the leg-body poses are defined by the kit, hands with weapons are a separate part, so there is some space for posing. The miniatures are full of small details - sometimes too small, perhaps, so one has to be very careful to thin down paints as to not overpaint any of the tiny folds on the shoulders or helmets.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post! Ow, and sorry for the difference in picture quality, had to use a different camera this time.

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