úterý 31. května 2016

Hivefleet Leviathan Carnifex

Carnifex is certainly one of the most iconic monsters of the 40K universe. Last decade or so, the Tyranid miniature range has been expanded quite a bit, though only few of the new kits match the 4th edition Carnifex box set in its modularity, style and general coolness. Obviously, this kit is a must-have for any self-respecting bug lover!

 I've decided to go with a multi-role Carnifex so I've armed it with talons, devourers and bioplasma. Note I've built the kit before the 6th edition update; my original intention was to go with crushing claws, though these sucked in the 5th edition codex, so I went with the talons. After the 6th edition update, I've learned a lesson: with GW's randomness of updates, it's for the best to just ignore the rules and go with the look you want. Though the talons are pretty cool as well, so no regrets there.

 I've worked on this little bugger for way too long; took me several months to finish it (working on and off, ofcourse). Notice the orange details on carapace. The idea was that the vents there are glowing with the bioplasma produced inside the Carnifex, though I'm not sure whether I've succeeded in that or not - even if it doesn't look 100% energetic though, it gives a cool organic feel to the creature.

One of the kit's problems is that there's not really much options for posing - except turning the head and arms, ofcourse. The bug's legs and spine are almost fixed, though. I didn't feel like experimenting here, so I tried to make a simple "advancing" pose, with the head slightly turned to give it a menacing look.

One of the coolest things about the kit is the large selection of heads. In the end, I went with the bioplasma head, though I was tempted to go with some of the others - especially the "enhanced senses" one. I wonder how hard it would be to combine the heads together in a conversion (like, giving the enhanced senses head a bioplasma jaw). Food for thought...

I've used both gloss and matte varnish on the model. Gloss varnish was used for the weapon biomorphs (talon blades, bioplasma maw and devourers) to give them a wet, slimy look and to differentiate them from the rest of the model, making them more visible. Matte was used on the carapace mostly, to enhance the chitinous look. By the way, note the devourers are not painted in red as other biomorphs, but in a mixture of grey and green - fluffwise, these biomorphs are actually worm nests consisting of rotten flesh afterall. Makes me wonder whether it would be worth it to model few worms out of green stuff here and there to make them look even more repulsive...


I've assembled the model on its base so I didn't have much space to experiment there. I settled on a jungle basings for my tyranids, though I didn't want to overdo it here and take away too much attention from the model itself. The plants feel good there though since they help in making the creature look like it's lumbering through the jungle... Maybe I should have used more. I've also added one of those genestealer markers on the base, to show that the tyranid infestation has already begun.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the post and the miniature. I gotta admit - I totally love it, and can't wait to get another Tyranid monstrosity! These models are so much fun to both assemble and paint. And it seems like I already got plenty of ideas for a second 'fex...

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