pondělí 27. července 2015

Genesis Chapter Bike Squad

I had these models finished for quite some time now, only thing left to do was the iconography. Working on these models made me realize how much I enjoy the armored, knightly look of Space Marine machinery.

To build my Bike Squad, I bought the old Ravenwing Battleforce, so these three are just the core of a larger bike squad - in total, it should have six bikes and one attack bike. The squad will be armed with plasma guns so it can reliably engage heavy infantry and light vehicles; I'm still not decided about the Attack Bike weapon, though.

I had fun working on the bases of these models. The base was covered in green stuff (though any putty would probably do); after that, I took the bike wheel and rolled it over the green stuff to leave its track on the ground. Later, I painted the base and added gloss varnish (or should I say, 'Ardcoat) to make it look like wet mud.

I tried to give different feel to each of the bikers. The first one above was more or less a test model; the second one is a sergeant (blue helmet denotes sergeants in the Genesis Chapter), and the third one is actually a homage to Terminator 2 (with a plasmagun instead of shotgun!). Various details from the Ravenwing sprue were added, like the large purity seals and ammo boxes. The rather clumsy flag on sergeant's bike was made out of greenstuff; next time, I'll have to think out something better.

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