čtvrtek 28. května 2015

The Pyre Chaos Lord

Finally, my Chaos Lord from the Dark Vengeance is finished - therefore, let me introduce you to the mighty Lord of the Pyre warband, Drach the Balefire!*

 This was actually my first CSM model I started painting, which was not a good idea; the model is quite dark since I used black primer, while white would be much better option for all the orange and red parts. The model is also quite dark because of quite extensive use of Abbaddon Black with Warplock Bronze on the armour; still, I think it turned out quite well and contrasting.

I was thinking about converting the model a bit, but in the end I decided against it, since it is not only beautiful, but the plasma pistol also fits nicely to the fire-theme of the warband. My favorite part about the model is the sword - which would really deserve better rules than just being a simple Power Sword, but oh well. I tried to make a "hot" red glowing effect to its edge. Similar technique (though with much more drybrushing) was applied to the Plasma Pistol's coil.

The backpack is just another great detail about this model - one can only wish that one day, we will see ordinary Chaos Space Marines kit of this quality and style without going over the top. Unfortunately, I was taking the pictures with a weak flash and the red color made a glossy effect - luckily enough, this is not present on the real model.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the article! As always, comments and criticism are most welcome.

* In case anyone wonders, I just made the name up while writing this article.

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