sobota 28. února 2015

Alaitoc War Walker

After almost half an year, I finally returned back home - and now I'm almost drowning in paint and getting lost in the labyrinth of model boxes everywhere around me! In this quick update, I would like to share some pictures of my first painted War Walker.

alaitoc war walker

Again, this was the first time I applied the marble color scheme to something this big - and I'm pleased with the result. I tried to make a good mixture between light blue, blue marble and yellow to make the model well-defined and visible. The protecting glass was washed with blue ink and covered with Ardcoat (gloss varnish), which gave a rather nice effect in the end. 

alaitoc war walker

The model is armed with a rather universal configuration - Scatter Laser and Eldar Missile Launcher. I already had a small testing game againstTyranids and it definately got its points back - can't wait to assemble more of these!

alaitoc war walker

What I really love about this kit is the Eldar Dreadnought Base - some really nice details there! I had fun covering the base with a layer of swamp-like mud and grass, using Stirland Mud for the texture. I guess I will need to experiment bit more with the other War Walker bases, though, to make them look more different.

Anyways, see you soon! Getting back to The Pyre now...

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