úterý 13. ledna 2015

The Pyre Berzerker (Test Model)

These holidays, the Chaos Gods blessed me with a squad of Khorne Berzerkers - a very pleasant surprise to me, as the warband I started working on, The Pyre, is dedicated to Chaos Undivided. While The Pyre is flame-themed warband, I'm sure a squad of Berzerkers will find their place in the force - especially since the orange/black color scheme of The Pyre goes very well with Khorne. 

The Pyre Berzerker

Above is a test model of The Pyre color scheme - the armour is Troll Slayer Orange, the trims are painted with a mix of Abbadon Black and Warplock Bronze, weapons and armour details are Brass Scorpion. The orange was coated with Carroburg Crimson and the rest with Nuln Oil. For primer, I have used Vallejo White Primer. The skull helm was painted with Brass Scorpion, because, to be honest, I can't stand the usual look it has - but with a metallic color it really goes from a comical look to an intimidating one.

The Pyre Berzerker

 The ashes on ground were done in the same way I did them on the Dark Vengeance Cultists - painting the debris with XV-88, washing it with Nuln Oil and then drybrushing with Abbadon Black, Administratum Grey and Ceramite White. Altogether, I am very satisfied with the resulting result and think the squad will look good when finished. One thing I have to think about now is how to paint the warband's symbol (which is actually unknown). I was thinking of a flaming skull.

Anyway, hope you like the color scheme as well! Ow, and happy new year 2015! Lastly, I would like to thank my dear Bookie for taking the pictures while I'm away from home!

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