neděle 19. února 2012

Simple Combi-Flamer Conversion

Hello! You might have noticed my love for combi-weapons before in my tutorial for combi-plasma conversions. I'm fond of flamethrowers too, so this post will be about converting a combi-flamer using as basic bits and techniques as possible.

1. Basic materials

Yes, for this conversion you'll need not much more than a regular bolter and an orkish slugga pistol! You can find this particular slugga in Boy Mob kits, as well as in the Assault on Black Reach box.

2. Merging it together

I think the pictures are self-explanatory here. First, carefully cut off the boltgun's muzzle. Then, cut off the slugga's frontal part and glue it onto the boltgun. File the surfaces first so the new muzzle is exactly in line with the boltgun - you don't want to leave the gun with a bent barrel!

3. Adding a fuel tank

As an optional decoration, you can take krak grenades, split them up, file them and glue them onto the weapon. They'll make good fuel tanks for the flamer.

And that's all! The final product actually looks quite similar to the "Vulcan pattern" combi-flamer, which can be seen at Lexicanum. You can even try to put the krak grenade part under the barrel, to make it nearly identical.

Here you can see the finished weapon on a commander:

And here you can see the weapon again, with some paint:

Anyways, I hope you found this tutorial helpful! As always, comments and criticism is most welcome.

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