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Genesis Chapter: More fluff

Hi. I'm sorry for missing a few updates; I am currently working on my bachelor work and don't have much time for modelling, and even less for writing on the blog. I'll be sincere now - this post is in fact a filler. It still might be worth reading for anyone interested in the fluff of Genesis Chapter.

Genesis Chapter paint scheme
"In too deep, against all odds brothers!"

I've been digging through Insignium Astartes and warhammer40k.wikia.com and found some interesting information that haven't been mentioned in the introductory post.

Unsurprisingly, Genesis Chapter follows Roboute Guilliman's Codex Astartes to a tee. The chapter is traditionally split into ten companies, which are distinguished by shoulder pad rim colours, most probably in the same manner as the Ultramarines. Therefore, the classic colour scheme of Genesis Chapter (yellow/golden trims) refers only to the 2nd Battle Company. While veteran's badges are white/silver, sergeant's badges are blue.

Note that the Chapter's Apothecaries have most of their armor painted red. Only their helmets, left shoulderpads and right shouldepad trims are white. Left kneepad is colored according to the Apothecary's company.

The chapter keeps close ties with their Progenitor Chapter, the Ultramarines, and its Astartes commonly undertake at least one pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Primarch on Macragge. Genesis Chapter frequently undertakes joint operations with the Ultramarines, and their squads and even specialists such as Techmarines and Librarians routinely fill gaps within Ultramarines' companies.

There are two recent notable campaigns that involved the chapter. First is the Cleansing of the Ulik Sector. In 997.M41, Space Marines of the Death Strike and Genesis Chapters conduct a series of Exterminatus missions in the Ulik Sector on worlds not yet consumed by Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan to prevent it from gaining resources.

The second campaign is Waaagh! Irontoof in 998.M41. A combined force of the Genesis Chapter and the Ultramarines engaged the growing Ork Waaagh! Irontoof and successfully pushed it back.

Insignium Astartes, 2002
Genesis Chapter at warhammer40k.wikia.com
Codex: Tyranids, 5ed

Assault On Black Reach, Captain, Genesis Chapter, Space Marines
Genesis Chapter 3rd Battle Company captain.

If you would have any relevant information on Genesis Chapter which hasn't been mentioned here, please leave me a comment here. I'm especially curious about the campaigns conducted by or with the help of the chapter. Unfortunately, I didn't notice anything about the Irontoof campaign in Codex: Orks.

Also, once again sorry for missing out the update (and for this filler post as well). As any good marine, I have to adhere to my duties first. In December, I'll either continue with the trend of filler posts, or I'll actually finish some of my current projects and post them here. I'm currently revisiting my first tactical squad (expect squad markings and a new Sergeant), painting up a Predator, and basing my three Bad Moons Deffkoptas.

Anyways, thanks for the patience. See you soon!

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