sobota 9. února 2013

Hivefleet Leviathan: First models!

I always liked Tyranids, so getting the Tyranid Battleforce was a nobrainer for me, especially before those shameless yearly price hikes. I was thinking about the color scheme for some time, though in the end I have decided for the vanilla Leviathan look - after all, it makes sense for my Genesis Chapter space marines. Here is what I got finished so far:

I like my models to look "realistic" and dirty; never really liked the current Games Workshop Leviathan paint scheme, which looks too clean to be real to me. The paint scheme used is very simple:  

Torso: Ceramite White underbase, Screaming Skull base, Carroburg Crimson wash, Ceramite White drybrush, Screaming Skull highlights
Carapace: Abbadon Black base, Xereus Purple drybrush, Carroburg Crimson wash, Xereus Purple highlights, Xereus Purple/Ceramite White mix highlights
Biomorphs: Ceramite White underbase, Mephiston Red base, Carroburg Crimson wash, Mephiston Red highlights, 'Ardcoat layer, Goblin Green (only for Venom sacs)

In total, only 8-9 colors has been used. 'Ardcoat has been used only for Biomorphs and mouths to give them that slimy look. When it comes to Hormagaunts, my aim was to paint them as fast as possible while keeping them at tabletop quality. Carroburg Crimson really does wonders here, I love the way it makes the Tyranids more "fleshy" and less like, well, white plastic models.

I realize monster creatures are at the main focus when it comes to Tyranids so I spent more time with the first Tyranid Warrior. I found the model to be extremely fun to paint; so much that I decided to convert a Tyranid Prime model (hopefully I'll finish that one soon). Anyway, here is the Warrior:

One final note - I started to really like Tyranid biomorph weapons. I mean, who wouldn't love a living gun with eyes that shoots deadly larvae at its poor targets? I guess I will have some fun painting Devilgaunts afterall! Thanks for your time and see you soon (with a finished Deff Dread, I hope!).

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