středa 16. května 2012

Bad Moons AOBR Boyz

I'm still alive! Not really active though, it's exams time after all. At least I have finally finished my Assault on Black Reach Slugga boyz... Most of them were painted over a year ago though, the squad was just waiting for last few boys, and basing.

The last boy painted is the one with yellow helmet, and he was really just speed-painted. I can't believe it took me two years to realize how good looking yellow helmets are for Bad Moons. Oh well, at least I know what I will do with my shoota boyz.

I'm not really satisfied with the squad, but it will do for tabletop. To be honest, I hate those models! Painting them was fun at first, but turned really frustrating later. Bad Moons color schemes are quite rich on colors, and these models are really repetetive; sure, they are full of details, but these details are all the same. There's little room for conversions, too. That just gets annoying after first ten models.

Anyways, back to focusing on those pesky RL issues. Hopefully I'll update soon with pictures of Deff Dread. So, see you!

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